Apr 02 2008


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Steve and I practiced reading aloud from our work last night, which is an event that happens from time to time at conventions. Kit was too congested to participate in the reading but listened and gave critique afterwards. It was a lot of fun!

I got complimented on both the reading and the content, I read them Chapter 5 of the novel. I’m glad it was so well received! They both seemed surprised at how good it was, which I’m taking as complimentary since it’s still a first draft. They also gave me good feedback on things to watch out for: rhythm and speed of reading (start more strongly in the rhythm of the story–probably through practice ahead of time–and slow down enough to hit my consonants and not trip over words) , as well as a concerning clicking or smacking noise I was apparently occasionally making that I wasn’t aware of.

We’re planning to do this again and I’m looking forward to it, I’ve always liked the sound of my own voice and speaking in front of a crowd, so these “readings” seem right up my alley. I also really appreciate Steve and Kit supporting me as I try to think through ahead of time a lot of the writer-type things I might encounter as I get deeper into my literary pursuits.

Two more pages to go to make my preferred daily novel pages, and I’m still hoping to plot out the next short story today. My next goal is to be able to simultaneously work on a short story while still continuing to write on the novel; up until now my focus has tended to be one or the other, probably since I also have many other things taking up daily time and energy. If all I had to do each day was write, I suspect I would end up on the higher end of the daily wordcount spectrum.

However, we’re also leaving around 3pm to drive to Austin, to get my guitar tweaked (oh, did I mention I bought a guitar a month or so ago?  Just like everyone else, except mine is left-handed, hee hee!) and then attend First Wednesday dinner. I hope to see many of you there! But who knows how many words will get done as a result.

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  1. skzbon 03 Apr 2008 at 6:54 pm

    You read well. One might almost think you’ve experience as an actor. 🙂