Apr 08 2008

brain breaks boost creativity

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I finished chapter 6 two days ago, a slightly shorter than average 20 pages of bouncing back and forth between two characters and how they’re preparing for a Big Event that I now have to write about in Chapter 7.

So I have a file started for Chapter 7 notes, I’ve approached my roomies about a similar brainspitting (like brainstorming but with less fluid) session like we did for Chapter 5, which turned out very nicely. I’ve got another file open for another short story/character exploration for one of the novel characters, along the lines of what I did for “Flowers In the Desert”.

All ready to go…and instead, this morning, my mind decides that today it’s taking a short break from the novel and its world and people. I find myself staring at an anthology theme I’ve been staring at for the past four months, trying to force inspiration and coming up totally dry, completely blank. And today an image appears, and then words follow, and three hours or so later I have a 1250 word short story draft. Emphatically not in the novel style–or topic–at all.  But definitely a story.

This evening I spent some time doing the initial revisions, bringing it to the point where it’s ready to be hacked apart by beta readers. It was fun, I love the process of writing AND finishing a story, and I feel my creative flow rejuvenated so that I can progress more easily on the waiting short story and Chapter 7. I like that my brain did this *before* I got too stuck in circles on the novel project again. Yay healthy progress, may it continue. I want this done done done! But not neurotically. Working on healthy writer foundations wherever I can find to put them.

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  1. Kit OConnellon 08 Apr 2008 at 1:42 am

    It’s a really spiffy story and I am excited to see you produce it so quickly. I am happy you are writing so much lately — it pushes me to keep up. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next draft and also the day you send it off to the contest…