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Apr 22 2008

argh, dear gods please make the germs bug someone else for a while!

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Holy Crapoly I haven ‘t had a fever this bad in some years. Sweat actively dripping, brainroasting 100+F temperatures, brain fog affecting memory retention even worse than normal. The aches and pains started about 2.5 days ago, the fever didn’t start until yesterday evening.

I really can’t take much more getting sick without becoming seriously unhinged. I have an average of 2 physically healthy days before the latest virus, bacteria, or allergy stimuli hits for another round, and emotionally I have had an incredibly rough few months so I’m not getting any time to just replenish my reserves. Running on fumes. When we get the next large checks in, we’re sending me to a doctor and an ENT specialist to find out if we can get me to a higher plateau of default healthiness. In the meantime…sigh.

My guys are being really great taking care of me, and oh! I’m writing this on my new (to me) laptop! So excited about this, gonna be learning all sorts of new stuff in the next several months. (It’s a tablet PC, so I get to learn a different interface. I have high hopes and long term plans for this adventure.)

AND, we put a deposit down on a rental house yesterday! It’ll be our first residence that’s truly all three of ours (now with twice as much space and sanity! no more too many people (two-legged and up) in too small a space.) The coolest part about the new place? Well there are several nice features, but at least for now the finished attic(!)–with a full-sized window, wood floors, and plenty of head-room to walk around (at least for us average-height folk)–takes the prize.

So it’s not all bad. But ye gods above and below, I am frying in my own juices here! Please let this be a short-lived illness and not the 7-14 days a virus usually causes. Wow, I think this entry came out mostly coherent, even!

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