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Apr 26 2008

Still calibrating

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Warning: the link that will take you to the classic Simpsons Treehouse of Horror “The Shinning” snippet contains a nine-second loud ad at the beginning. Sorry, it was the best we could find. So turn your volume down and avert your eyes for that first 9 seconds, then enjoy.

No writing all this week of sick. Totally sucks when you’ve been on a roll and REALLY WANT to keep going. Managed to finally get some pages written, and learned two things:

1: It is way, way easier to write when you’re sick if you already have some sketched-out plan or outline or notes or something to work from. Attempting to be viscerally or primally creative when you’re marinating in your own fever-sweat or trying to keep your eyeballs from exploding from your head due to sinus pressure just isn’t as easy as everyone claims it is.

And I still came up with a new story idea to cook in the backbrain for a bit, this week; so “really difficult” doesn’t equal “impossible”, by far.

B: My personal “not enough writing make Reesa something something” point has shortened considerably in recent months. I now start to get antsy and go quietly crazy if I haven’t written in three days. Two, still sane. Four, getting more looney. Five is right out.

Luckily, I wrote on the fourth day, thanks to those lovely notes left by a healthier me with access to more of my creative brainpower than I do. But these are good things to know, the points at which the writing imperative shifts from nagging urge to “do this right now to remain balanced, monkey!” I expect the length of time to shorten, the more writing becomes ingrained as a daily habit. Change happens.

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