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Apr 01 2008

first writing contract, signed and sent!

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Over the weekend I received in the mail the contracts for my story that sold to Dark Scribe Press‘s Unspeakable Horror anthology. I reviewed them carefully with my roommates, found no errors or distasteful clauses, and sent them off signed and sealed!

Quite exciting! In other writing news, I’m well into chapter 6 (about to start page 12) and only paused this morning to figure out how to describe the bar several characters just went to. Then later this morning (after a nap) I figured out the bar, and wrote a good long paragraph describing it. I’ll probably finish chapter 6 tonight or tomorrow, assuming I get enough computer time. And then plot Chapter 7, where Some Stuff Happens.

And then, you know, write Chapter Seven.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

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