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May 27 2008

Unspeakable Horror short story announced!

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They finally got down to the never-before-published contributors to the anthology, including me!

Here’s the link directly:

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May 16 2008

it isn’t all slumps…(or, going academic)

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Well, I guess I’ll have to figure out how to drag words out with no energy, because this become-a-writer ball I started rolling isn’t slowing down to wait on my exhausted ass.

Which means, in this case, that the academic paper (“What is the 21st century novel?”) my co-author Kit O’Connell and myself submitted to Arse Elektronica for this year’s conference on sex, technology, and storytelling…has been accepted. We’re off to San Francisco in late September to present on the “Narration” day of the conference.

How very exciting!

There are at least two major things to get done or seriously underway by then–and that doesn’t count actually writing the paper/presentation. It’ll be a busy summer!  Stay tuned here and elsewhere for more exciting ongoing updates.

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May 06 2008

where are my words?

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have not-written for hmmm…many days now.

still need to cry, too.

I’ve figured out more of the problem. It’s not a words thing, it’s an energy thing. When I sit down to brainstorm, ideas come. When I sit down and actually outline or write, words come. I can feel the characters alive in my head when I go looking for them. But everything is beyond the gray wall, across the crevasse, and my flyer’s out of fuel. The energy that creativity takes, the physical toll on the body, is daunting right now. I can’t be sick any more, please gods and perverse imps.

The will is here. The muse is ever-near. The energy is fucking drained.

the household is running more smoothly, but I don’t feel any better. Everything is stressful and tiring, and the good things I miss taking the time to appreciate.

I suspect a dog’s evil work, here.


Ah ha! Tirma’s evil twin, the Half-a-Poodle!

Credit for the picture goes to: Kit, for the taking; Jennifer for the poodle sculpting; and Tirma for providing the raw art materials

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May 01 2008

Dark Scribe Press anthology info update

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They’re doing a fun marketing bit over at Unspeakable Horror‘s anthology blog. Each weekday in May, they’ll reveal another author from their table of contents until the entire list has been revealed.

Since this is my first professional sale, I am fairly far down the list, so you might not see me pop up there until near the end of the month (I’m sure I’ll mention it specifically when it occurs). However, I looked up my fellow authors on the TOC and it sounds like a great collection. It’s worth your time to watch the blog and keep checking back regularly if you have any interest in the queer horror genre.

It’s May 1st, so they’ve started the unveiling!

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