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Jun 07 2008

Brain Burros

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EDIT: Conversation on this or any entry posted here is strongly encouraged if you’re interested.  Let me not speak into a void!  I prefer comments here rather than on the LJ feed but if you just can’t click through I’ll take the LJ comments rather than none.

Has it really only been a month since I wrote? It seems like so much longer. I feel voiceless.

Love, love, adore the new house. Pictures soon. When we clear these boxes away, there’ll be tons of room to stretch and dance. And I’m pretty sure enough room for Nolan’s massage table when he visits, too!

The backyard is insanely huge. Kit’s looking forward to a garden. My mom is sending us another easy-gardening article she found. My mom kicks ass, and has joined our Sekrit Projekt team as our ceramic artist. I’m very excited! It sounds like she’s really letting the inner artist out in playing around with this.

In creating worlds, I keep coming back to the art; I can’t escape its pervasive effects. Art, Art, Art. Thou, Art, God. Ahem. Brain burp. (Haha, typoed brain buro. Brain burros! Help, they are grazing!)

Both with the novel and with the collaborative project, a lot of creating the world is coming at it from the angle of questioning how the people in the world’s cultures define their space, and the art that manifests from that seeking defines the culture. It’s intimately intertwined with the land, the people, the point of time-in-history you’re viewing…The art that arises from a people living among the cliffs and rock of mountains will be distinct from a people enmeshed along a coastline, hunter-gatherer cultures will likely have different art tastes than modern urban dweller. Or maybe not; that’s another beauty of art, sometimes you tap into something larger than your little point in space-time.

Also, a lot of the art I envision involves skills I don’t have yet (or sometimes, technology that doesn’t exist yet). If I throw the idea out there in a story, perhaps someone else with those skills and with passion will be inspired to create the art I experience. I’m perfectly fine with this; it’s most important for the art to exist, whether I’m the creator or just the catalyst matters little.

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