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Jun 13 2008

Decay begins from within…

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…not always, of course. Sometimes it’s external and obvious, like a brown recluse’s venom slowly necrotizing flesh, numbly. More often, it’s an overlooked speck grown gangrenous from within that threatens the limb or organ.

Worst is when it’s the sort of decay that doesn’t show up on med-scans. Putrefaction of the emotions is one of the most feared symptoms. None of these were the the sort of thoughts I wanted to be thinking to myself after a night spent up until 5 a.m. finishing King’s uncut version of <I>The Stand</i> while eating pretzel crackers and cranberry juice. I tried to watch my lab-mate this morning in my peripheral vision for any unusual behavior with no luck. He complained about a bit of indigestion from last night’s takeout during lunch, and I haven’t seen him much since then.

We’ve all felt a little nervous with some really weird memos that came out this morning from the big bosses, and no one has really seen them around today either. Can’t remember when the last time all of the bosses called in sick at once. It must be a friendly stomach bug, half the parking lot was empty when I arrived this morning. And my lab-mate is taking an awfully long time returning from his bathroom break.

You just can’t subtly prepare for a zombie infestation.

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