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Jun 23 2008

4th street: the processing (part the first)

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Wasn’t quite ready to be done yet, so woke up early-ish (especially if you consider time to bed) and ate oatmeal while watching my fellow sf&f fans, readers, editors, and writers check out (the internet connection in the lobby was horrible for my laptop so I moved around a bit), getting to say final thanks and give happy smiles to those passing by.

I’d say it was a life-changing experience except I was already changing my life along these lines, so I suppose it was more an affirming experience for me. Hearing thoughts I’d thunk for months come out of multiple intelligent other mouths as people bounced ideas back and forth and explored new ways of putting them together was thrilling. Having so many people thinking along similar lines definitely encouraged me to keep running at what I’m chasing.

I also had a great experience Saturday, two panels after the one the Society of Voluptuaries members were on (Advice from new writers), where an audience member called me out by name and told me that my ideas were a “pipe dream” and I was “incapable of succeeding”. I, of course, was grinning like a loon as he was doing it; a strong angry response is categorically no different from a strong positive, both mean you provoked other people to think (and sometimes thinking new thoughts is uncomfortable for folks). Plus, about the biggest mistake someone can make with me, in trying to discourage me and crush my aspirations (heehee), is to tell me I can’t do something.

But my (and other peoples’) grand plans certainly can’t be accomplished in a creative vacuum. We met tons of great people and connected to many brilliant minds over the course of the weekend. My personal universe is going to explode again, hopefully just in the creative realms this time, as I process and synthesize the awesomeness that was the 4th Street Fantasy Convention 2008.

Cant wait for 2009.

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