Jul 01 2008

Hit the ground running and don’t look down

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Forget your legs and feet are numb, trust your body is where it is and you’ll find the sensation again.


July is a packed month in an entirely different way from June. No cons, not much leaving the house, but tons of shop work, house work, and most (and best) of all, writing work! I spent 5 hours in work meetings today, largely positive and a good start to a busy and balanced month. We’ve spent probably that much time again talking here at the Dream Cafe about our pet collaborative project this evening, both in and out of the hot tub.

I’m going to attempt to list my works in progress and (very roughly) when they will be done. Once I write the next blog entry I’ll probably move this data to “My Writing” page so I can monitor my progress better. (I also use the submissions tracker over at duotrope.com for a different way of tracking what is out where. What with all the traveling I’m down to barely anything at all circulating for publication. This can’t go on!) Plus I have to learn to balance collaborative and personal projects, lay in those good habits right at the start so I’ll have less integration problems later.

Therefore, in order of when they need to be done…

* a short story for consideration in an anthology due July 31 (already have notes, general ideas of characters and plot, and it’s been cooking for a month in my head. This one will be drafted quite soon.)

* meeting with mom about big brain business fun, preferably first meeting in sometime in July (if Kit and I can gather notes in timely fashion)

* 21st century storytelling paper (collaborating with Kit O’Connell) due September 25 (also need presentation ready)

* story of some length no shorter than a short story but potentially up to novel length, from collaborative project, due at same time as paper (preferably before; looks like I’ll be branching out into learning to write a mystery story. Fun!)

* other diverse collaborative project bits, due same as above two

* magical realism story with the twins, due as soon as it gels enough to write

* Elliot’s story, due as soon as I figure out major structural horribleness

* novel-in-progress, first draft due end of December at latest (I solved the Chapter 7 problem: I’m ignoring it, leaving it in outline form, and moving on to chapter 8. I’ll be wading through with editorial scythe once the draft is done anyway; so far there are about two chapters that approach anything resembling “good”.)

* other sundry projects, both related to the novel and not, due whenever they jump out of my head and onto the page

This doesn’t mention at all the 5 single-spaced pages of poem and story ideas that could demand brain space at any time, nor all the writing ideas I hide in my LJ and forget to tag. I think that should keep me busy for at least a month or two, yes?

Didn’t get to phone or climbing shoe errands today, hopefully tomorrow.

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