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Jul 03 2008

climbing into Faerie

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I bought my own climbing gear today. Harness, ATC, chalk and bag, shoes. My climbing shoes are awesome; small orange and black shoes that cling to my feet, delineating the high arches and insteps. They even come to tiny points at the toes for greater precision; on my feet, they look like little elf shoes.

My carabiner and chalk bag match my little orange shoes; I wonder if I can spiffy up the plain gray harness without causing problems…

Tonight’s the last night before the holiday weekend the wall is open. My legs and feet aren’t doing well today, but I’m hoping with some stretching I can get some wall time in.


I’m also thinking seriously about a punching bag in the backyard. I have gloves from when I was a kid, I think I even vaguely remember proper form. My need for touch is so pathologic right now I sometimes grasp too hard when reaching out; the emotion-skin connection too easily overwhelms. My awareness of my own physical strength is shifting and I have to learn the body controls anew as I discover previously unnoticed changes. Violent visions begin to invade my dreams. There’s too much screaming inside.

Or wait, are those my characters instead?  Writing will tell the tale…but I think the “sound body, sound mind” philosophy is looking mighty attractive.

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