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Jul 13 2008

Close enough to feel a draft

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Friday I “finished” the roughest first draft of a story yet. In fact, I felt a little weird about calling that draft done.

But…it has a beginning, an end, and a good chunk of the middle, with notes for the rest of the fill. It has notes about what to fix and add in the next draft and I know what I did right and where I need to delve deeper. Sounds close enough for Shakespeare’s monkeys, a first draft it is.

It’s likely to end up as flash fiction (1000 words or less) and looks like I’m back on my “short story=horror or dark fantasy” trend for now; if it works it should end up a delightfully creepy little piece. However, now that I have a draft I can call done, I’m setting it aside until probably August, since I have another short story due sooner and ready to write.

Working on the other story’s chronological outline now. Taking a short break (yay hot tub) for brain rejuvenation, then to come back and play with the outline.

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