Jul 30 2008

Draft finished! story sent! plus a bit of musing…

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Thanks to everyone who helped on this latest short story. It was a lot of fun and turned out to be a lovely and creepy little piece. (Although I do hit a point in every story so far where I ask the skies, “why can’t I just write straightforward adventure stories?” But I’m sure that even if I tried, layering and ambiguity would sneak back in.) Anyway, thanks this time go to Kit O’Connell, Steven Brust, Jennifer Evans, abigail d, Kiki Christie, and Megan Elizabeth Morris from my writing group (The Society of Voluptuaries), and special thanks go to Mary Dell–first-time beta reader for me and I very highly recommend her work and hope to use her skills again.

It’s a much better story than it was thanks to all of you, and I even sent it in on the day I had wanted to submit by, with 30 minutes to spare. I’m excited about it, and ready to move on to other projects. I keep distracting myself with these anthology projects from getting back into the heavy novel work, so I think for the month of August, (barring sudden rays of inspiration) I will not plan to work on any writing work other than my novel or the collaborative project. If I need short story time, I have several related to the novel that need more work.

I saw an opening for a slush reader at an online magazine I like, and thought hard about whether or not to apply. I’ve heard several accounts from writers who felt that time spent slush reading really helped hone their skills as writers. On the other hand, I already have a full plate of commitments and projects and then some, so committing to read several stories a week on top of that seems like added stress that I just don’t need. So I think I’ve decided not to pursue the gig, but I wonder if I’m doing my writing (and editing) a disservice by not stretching in areas like these. What do you think, gentle reader?

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  1. gailmomon 30 Jul 2008 at 12:23 pm

    well, i dont’ know what a “slush reader” is…but I assume you do. 🙂 Sounds like you weighed the potential asset to your writing that commiting to it would be vs the potential deficit to your writing that having even less time to commit to writing would be and came up with a sum that does not include being a slush reader at this time. Given that you have just added more kid commitment to your already full schedule, I would guess you made the right call. Just keep the option in the back of your lightning storm of a brain, and pull it back out if you ever feel it would fit in. *hug*

  2. Reesaon 30 Jul 2008 at 3:14 pm

    A slush reader, generally speaking, (fancily called a “submissions editor” in the job description) is the first reader of a story submitted to a publisher, the initial eyes you have to pass in order to be considered by an actual publishing editor. It is most often an unpaid position, done for the free stories and prestige (hehe) and experience in editing and writing (the writing more in learning what NOT to do with your own stories based on reading lots and lots of others’ mistakes).

    And yeah, I really just don’t have the time, I need to be freeing up writing time wherever possible, not committing to other non-writing things. But I’m vaguely bummed about it, it does seem like a way to learn much in a short period of time and you know how I like that sort of learning…