Aug 02 2008

It’s going to be a strange day…

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You know I have the brain-worms when I’m in the middle of updating my works-in-progress section of “My Writing” here on the ‘Net, and I hear the following conversation in my head:

“Really, it’s not *that* much to get done.”

“Have you been snorting kittens again? What?”

“Oh come on, look! It’s one novel with most half a good amount of work done on, two or three short stories, and one story of indeterminate size.”

“I am looking, and I see you forgot to mention the ongoing project and the ‘various sundry bits’ barely worth listing–but still taking up neural space and ‘time’.”

“Well, the short stories are only a couple of weeks time-use each.”

“And you’re lying out your ass on that “story of indeterminate size” thing, you know it’s at least a novella.”

“Maybe, but…”

“Plus that academic paper and accompanying presentation due in September you sort of forgot to mention.”

“But there’s already at least some work done on all of those! The short stories, the paper, the novel, and the other story thingy all at least have notes if not also written text.”

“So? You know who we are. Don’t forget that in order to cope with the “lists” and “deadlines”, there’ll need to be at least one or two short projects done concurrently with the official work that aren’t even *on* the list.”

“Oh, yeah.”


“Um…it could be worse?”

“Shh, don’t give anyone any bright ideas. Just get back to work, if you want to keep that kitten supply flowing and fresh.”

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