Sep 13 2008

Writing growth happens in spirals

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And I just realized that I want houseplants. I have desired them for years, but I’m rather a brown thumb sort (not all the way to black, but brown’s enough to kill most plants). But I’m sitting here in our lovely wooden farmhouse, and these rich brown walls are screaming “Put plants against me!!! Trail ivy over doorways, hang ferns in corners, maybe even on an end table one of those spirally bamboo plants they sell for way too much in stores!”

If the walls are talking to me, guess it’ll be an interesting day.

I’ve been learning a lot of very uncomfortable things lately about my writing, and my creativity, and how much I’ve compromised it, and how much of that I’ve done without realizing what I was doing. For someone who’s pretty much always working on understanding the internal landscape, finding out where you shoved whole skillsets that became inconvenient or complicated to maintain is fairly disconcerting.

So I’ve already learned this year (and I think mentioned previously) that though I’ve been writing since I was seven or so, the first creative calling–well, technically the second, but the first path I chose *on my own* to dedicate myself to learning–was acting. And furthermore, my development as an actor has heavily informed my writing development. But lately, I’ve learned just how much I’ve damaged my creative expression, my writing, and even myself, by walking away from acting.

I’m not at a place in my life where I can commute to acting jobs. I’ll look into the local community theatre options, but last time I checked those out I strongly disagreed with the local director’s opinions about Shakespeare, so he was pretty impossible to work with. But I have to, need to, figure out something that will substitute for or ameliorate enough of the acting urge that I will no longer feel I am ignoring that calling.

This year I have made tentative efforts toward picking back up that first creative skillset learned–music. Steve is (or was, I’d like to get back to it) teaching me guitar. I’m hoping to finally get some voice training sometime in the next year so I can do something other than intuitively with this crazy voice and natural resonance of mine.

And the pursuit of better body health is ongoing, though still not as consistent as I would prefer. The hot tub has now been non-functional for about as long as it was in our possession and functional. As soon as they fix it, I plan a scathing report on who to NOT buy a pool or hot tub from locally, but I’d rather wait on that on the off chance that someday they might screw up their delaying tactics and come fix it. But ye gods, unethical businesspeople drive me nuts.

I invented a not-entirely-safe but quite fun exercise routine involving a 5-foot-long staff and a trampoline. The recent rain makes it just a bit too unsafe to actually do until the trampoline dries off, but I’ve been told that it looks very cool to those watching from ground level.

Maybe I could take up bonsai gardening. Could I manage not to kill a tiny tree? Perhaps I’ll start with the ferns and ivy…

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  1. Andreaon 13 Sep 2008 at 11:26 pm

    From my personal experience, ferns can be a pain to grow, but pothos ivy is fairly easy. Looks really great too. *grins*

  2. Kit OConnellon 14 Sep 2008 at 7:16 am

    It is great to watch you expand your talents and abilities, to put more energy into all these diverse parts of yourself. I look forward to it all.

    Maybe your brown thumb and my green one will cancel each other out and we’ll be able to keep stuff alive. 🙂