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Oct 24 2008

pre-order my story! (and other people’s, too)

Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows Of the Closet is now available for pre-order!  I haven’t received my contributor’s copy yet but the proofs looked great, and I’m really excited about this anthology.  You can find it on Amazon at if you’d like to reserve yours before release!

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Oct 23 2008

no one escapes the travel crud

Steve and I are both sick, sinus-infection thingys that we almost certainly got while traveling.  At least, I’ll blame the airplane way before I’ll blame Israel, nearly everyone over there looked ridiculously healthy.

Anyway, snotty, feverish, achy, hoping it’ll pass soon, since it’s back to work for me regardless.

Still putting up the business posts over at Words Words Words if you aren’t already following along.

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Oct 21 2008

Project Brain-Eater

We are valiantly fighting the good fight of having the collaborative project eat our brains by allowing at least one hour in every 24 for our personal projects.

Ok, perhaps I hyperbolize a bit here.  Now that I don’t have to worry about two presentations back-to-back, I can get down to the simple life of owning a business, coordinating a massive online project, and writing a novel  and some short stories.  Simplicity incarnate!

There go those hyperboles again.  Time to develop a new plan of action, since the goal is still to have a finished draft of the novel by the calendrical year’s end.  Note that not specifying a GOOD draft done will speed up the process quite a bit, heh.  And I think there are a couple of stories lying around that need cleaning up before being kicked out of the nest…

But right now I think I’ll continue to obsessively reload certain blogs to see if new content appears.  Oh, and super-squee happiness for other-world characters commenting on our household blog!  The cool parts just keep growing!

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Oct 20 2008

business model posts moving right along

I’m back from Israel and slowly chronicling the experience over on the household blog, Words Words Words.  We’re now four posts along on the Business Models for Artists series, and we’d love to have more participatory comments! You can check out the latest one here, it links to the previous posts as well.

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Oct 14 2008

Let’s talk about the business of art…

Check out one piece of what I’ve been working on over the next several days at I’ll be posting a series of entries (one a day) attempting to make dealing with the business end of the spectrum a little less scary for artistic types, as well as encouraging people to explore new ways of earning income. Read! question! comment! create! find your own answer to Step 2: ????  The first post about it can be found here.

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Oct 13 2008

(not-so) Sekrit Projekt oblique squee

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Okay. NOW I’m excited.

(was keeping it cool internally up ’til now, justincase. But oh my fucking gods, this is so much fun.)

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Oct 08 2008

the writer abroad

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Tomorrow I leave for my first international and transatlantic plane flight (hopefully not the last!), an event both trepidatious and exciting. I’ll be at ICON, a convention with academic, sff, film, and role-playing aspects. It’s held over several days in Tel Aviv, Israel. You can see the link for the 2008 con here.

I’ll be giving a version of the presentation that Kit O’Connell and I gave in San Francisco a couple of weekends ago on Friday, October 17 at 3pm. Given my topic and that the theme of this year’s convention is “Revolutions” (and I’ll have all the days ahead of time to spread the world subtly), I’m expecting it to be a fairly lively panel. That part, I’m very excited about. Although when I stop to think (thankfully, not much time for that pre-trip), I feel a little like “geez, when I decided to jump in the deep end, no one mentioned it was Lake Baikal!”

Regardless, this convention sounds like exactly what our project needs at this time. What fun! (We’re also making arrangements to be translated into Portuguese; I’m hoping to make a similar connection for Hebrew while in Israel. Anyone with lingual fluency and the time to spare who wants to help with the international saturation elsewhere, contact any of us at the Dream Cafe.)

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Oct 07 2008

Oh the science of it all!

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Ah yes, a grand little evening sitting around watching the Mediators break up a drunken conflict. That crazy Starl.

On the creating side, a precise, behind-the-scenes peek at the arduous creative process:

Reesa: Who gets injured?

Steve: I think S.

Kit: I was thinking L.

Reesa: I was thinking S or L.

Steve: I’ll flip you for it; you want to land on your head or your tail?

Kit: Tail.

Reesa: You could flip the dog.

Kit: She wouldn’t cooperate.

Steve: Perfect, here’s a penny.

Reesa: Lost relic of our economy, determine our future.

Steve: Heads it’s L, tails it’s S.

Reesa: Wait, where did it go?

Kit: I heard it hit over there.

Steve: Tails.

Reesa: S then! Ahh, high literary science at work.

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Oct 06 2008

riding the line in creative viral marketing

When working on a big project and trying to come up with cool ways to draw people into your created world, it’s sometimes hard to guess which line to straddle in how much and how fast you disperse your information. You want to make sure any early adopter fans are in on it soon enough that they feel their specialness, but you don’t want to escalate so quickly that you run out of entertaining content too soon or overload yourself.

On the one hand, when you’ve been cooking a big project for a while and it’s time to start manifesting the results, it’s very easy to want to spill everything all at once. “And here’s this cool thing I did, and this one, and this too, and ooh shinyoverhere!” But while you might hook in some people with the elegance or intricacy of your scaffolding, for most people you’ll catch their interest with the thing itself first. Peeling back the draping comes later.

On the other hand, it’s also difficult to get an outside perspective on how subtle or obvious to be when scattering project references that you hope people will put together to find your baby. Something that looks incredibly obvious to you, the people working on a project for the last n months, might not have such readily apparent connections to those encountering the ideas for the first time.

Part of the fun of creating little tidbits for people to find and geek over is watching the reactions as they encounter and interact with your work. For the creators, it can diminish the fun slightly to have carefully balanced hints and clever approaches only to have to go back and slap a big neon blinking glowing pointing finger sign all over your efforts. The reaction enjoyed by someone watching someone else find an in-character email isn’t at all the same when the first person has to ask “so, didja get that email?” (And in that example, you might not even know whether there was a tech trip-up that caused the email in question to not be delivered, or whether it was caught by a diligent spam filter on alert for unrecognizable origins.)

However, if you’re trying something new, and especially in the early stages, sometimes you have to do a little more hand-holding than you might otherwise be inclined to do. This doesn’t mean swing the pendulum all the way into showing everything you’re doing all at once, but does mean that you have to be willing to launch with a simpler and more obvious approach if your well-crafted more devious plans fall short of your goals.

I’m not sure whether these will be of interest to anyone else, but they’re some of the thoughts flowing through my mind as I attempt to patiently wait for people to start noticing our little venture. It’d be nice if I did more posts like these; I should consider that thought.

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Oct 04 2008


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Tonight was my first experience up close and personal playing with Twitter, and there are some quite entertaining aspects to the medium. I’ve been following along with various friends’ Twitter feeds for a few months now, but tonight’s was the first one I’ve found that caused mad giggles regularly. I’m glad to be watching it!

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