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Oct 03 2008

strange sensations

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I woke up this morning (in the morning, even!) with a very strange sensation.  So strange, in fact, that it took a good few minutes to identify said sensation.  If you lived near enough to be aware of how closely I’ve been cataloging my body responses and sensory readings for the past several weeks (and months and years, it’s all the same on the Galactic clock), you’d know how odd my unidentifiable strange sensation is.

And then I finally figured it out:  I’m fully rested.  Like, really.  For the first time in, months?  Ye gods, I can’t possibly remember.  Maybe years.  I’m a little stiff, but nothing more than the norm these days given current conditions; a tiny bit congested, the part that doesn’t go away that I hope will be fixed when I can afford to go to a sinus expert doctor; but alert, not grumpy, not feeling like I’m overwhelmed and behind (which I still am), with the energy enough for two people to get through a day that I remember having in my healthier days.

I’m sure this is a phase state that can be easily disrupted and drained under certain conditions, but I hope we’re done with those conditions anyway.  Today I feel like I can get up and work really hard all day, get a ton of things done and feel a reasonable level of tired at the end of it.  I miss those days.  (Okay, that’s a bit maudlin, and not entirely true, as I really haven’t given myself too many healthy breaks or jobs until recent years.  And even the healthier careers are high stress in their own ways–owning a business and working for yourself brings a lot of positive benefits, but also brings stresses that more “normal” employment doesn’t.)

So, cheers to well-restedness!  I don’t know how you got here, but please tarry in your stay.  I think I’ll stretch while doing my morning online ritual, then check the to-do list and see where would be good to start the day’s work.  Just as soon as I finish checking out this email from someone named Dolores…

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Oct 03 2008

Unspeakable Horror book trailer

While I still find myself a bit puzzled about the concept and feasibility of book trailers in general (which could be related to the fact I haven’t watched any regular TV in oh, about 16 years now), as far as I can tell this seems like a good specimen of the species. Once again, I’ve been really pleased with my interactions with Dark Scribe Press during this anthology project, would definitely work with them again if the opportunity arose, and I’m excited about the book’s release near the end of the year.

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