Oct 23 2008

no one escapes the travel crud

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Steve and I are both sick, sinus-infection thingys that we almost certainly got while traveling.  At least, I’ll blame the airplane way before I’ll blame Israel, nearly everyone over there looked ridiculously healthy.

Anyway, snotty, feverish, achy, hoping it’ll pass soon, since it’s back to work for me regardless.

Still putting up the business posts over at Words Words Words if you aren’t already following along.

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One Response to “no one escapes the travel crud”

  1. Nathaniel Elioton 23 Oct 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Its probably con-crud: people come from 20 different areas, to swap their old pathogens for ones they haven’t worn out yet . . . healthy people just means *they’re* immune.

    Sorry to hear it! Rest up, and call when you’ve recovered some.