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Nov 26 2008

web return! and new phone, and book!

Hey everyone, it’s been a long, mostly internet-free month for me.  My shoulder has been freezing up/acting up so painfully that I haven’t been able to spend very much time working on the computer.  It’s been stressful since this was NOT the time to have less online time, too much to do!  especially on CC fun stuff.

However, I bought a super-sexy G1 Google phone, which I expect will make it easier to stay connected even if I have bad shoulder ick return.  I stayed comfortably near the back of the pack as far as following phone technology, the past 10 years.  It was completely worth it to wait for a phone that is at least approaching all the various things I want my phone to do; I had no problem adapting to the interface and sound like a total dorky geek when I talk about it.  And my goodness does the querty keyboard make text easier to type on a phone.  Fidget-monkey heaven: it has buttons, and a trackball, and a touchscreen, and a fold-out keyboard.  As soon as they figure out the app to send and receive video phonecalls, the science-fiction feel will  be complete.  Oh, and I’m insanely jealous of the armband attachment I saw at Best Buy for the Apple 3G, if anyone knows where I can get one for mine, I can’t avoid those little cyborg cravings.  Strapping it on is a good interim substitute for jacking in, eh?

Check out my next post for a picture from my new phone; I got my contributor’s copies from Dark Scribe Press for the Unspeakable Horror anthology.  I’m so excited!  Keep pre-ordering, the official release date for the anthology is December 1.

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