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Dec 09 2008

so fresh and so clean

Well, so far our attempts to take a picture of my own contributor’s copy of the Unspeakable Horror anthology have resulted in not enough lighting.  You can use the handy link here, though I see that it is listed as temporarily not in stock.  I will try to find out if there is an in-stock link available for folks before the holidays, if I do I’ll post it here.

In the meantime, the maids have just left, the house smells good and looks great, and the hot tub is warm and with a new filter.  It’s a great day for socializing with friends while lounging around the house alternating with bouts of creativity.  Perhaps some of our long-absent friends will decide that today is the day to end their sabbatical away from our awesomeness.  If not, ah well, there’s plenty of awesomeness to keep us busy regardless.

In other news, laundry is much less of an onerous chore when it’s in-house.  There’s the typical 10 loads to do, but amazingly, not having to haul it across town just brightens my mood about the chore right up.

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