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Feb 18 2009

Drafts done, drafts ongoing, and the excessiveness of the written word

By virtue of declarative fiat, I have reached the end of my novel first draft, and am hard at work on starting the second draft. This is different from the revising stage, which is not yet. Given the current game plan, I expect there to be three drafts before I revise and start showing it around, so I certainly hope I’m faster at writing these next two drafts!

In case anyone is curious about the process, the first draft was all about character exploration and development. As such, it may be a done draft, but not a readable one. The second draft will focus on the linear plot structure, a quick and dirty romp through what tangibly happens. The third draft will preferably bring together the preservable pieces of drafts one and two while layering in all the cool meta bits.

To perkily distract myself from how daunting the task sounds when viewed from the big picture, I counted up the stories I’ve written over the past 1.5 years. Yes folks, fear my mad accomplishment skillz: in less than two years, I’ve completed fifteen stories, have six more in progress (published four online, two in print so far), started an ARF (with the help of many others), and finished a novel draft. Not too shabby a job, when you look at it in that light.

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