May 19 2009

Playing the long game with writing: stuck transitions

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Many of you may have noticed in your own writing a similar effect to one I’ve observed: it’s easier to get started in a writing session if you’ve paused a sentence or two into the next scene, rather than at a scene or chapter break. I find that even if I know what I want to write next, there’s a subtle hint of extra inertia to contend with if I’m contemplating the blank space after a scene shift. Even a bad first sentence of the next scene works; I might come back the next day and re-write or even erase the previous lead-in, but the mere presence of the words gets further story flowing more quickly.

I asked Steve about this and he said it’s because we conceive of story in terms of scenes, and so a scene interrupted is a scene in motion; we’re able to more easily find the momentum after a writing pause. He also commented that this concept allows you to do interesting things with story structure, if you have certain elements present and repeating throughout your scenes it’s also easier to keep the story flowing.

What are some of your own ways for getting past stuck points that aren’t really writer’s block?

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