May 26 2009

Still writing, but traveling, now sleeping

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Just got back from a great camping trip and art festival so the writing post for the week will have to wait until more sleep has occurred. However, it was my best Flipside yet, and I really enjoyed my first year Rangering and will definitely sign up for more shifts next year. I loved the chill no-drama camp atmosphere, awesome campsite, tons of needed exercise, great conversations with beautiful loved ones, even the weather was the most temperate all around I’ve yet experienced in five years of attending the event (Texas summer conditions still apply, of course).

So, to get the writing thoughts flowing while I sleep, what defines a character as “real” to you? (or “alive” or “developed” or “ready to be written”, etc.) How do you distinguish that from other internal conditional perspectives that most people carry around with them on a daily basis? Does any of this change when you have long term fictal residents, such as characters involved in a multiple-novel series? Where do your characters “live” when not actively dancing to your whim and will upon the page?

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