Jul 02 2009

travel break soon, writing ramp-up

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About to embark on the last major trip I’ll have to take for several weeks, yay! I really enjoy traveling, but would prefer a bit more time to recover in-between major jaunts whenever possible. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I am so glad I’ve been in such a physically healthy place lately; not only did I make it through the winter without a major illness for the first time I can remember, but my stamina has held through this last crazy month-and-a-half of running around the country.

My writing projects to-do list has tripled in the past week, as I come up with at least three new things to be working on in addition to the novel-in-progress. I’ve been doing fairly well at continuing to write regardless of whatever else is going on in my life, and I’m testing my (current) limits a bit under the theory that the more writing in various venues I do, the more likely it is I’ll start to earn some income from it. Not to mention continuing to increase my name recognition wherever I can. Also, my breadth of writing ability is being tested, and I’ve never wanted to be limited to just one or two genres anyway.

I’m currently excited, writing-wise, about:

  • My novel-in-progress (yes, I get frustrated just as often as excited, here, but today excitement reigns)
  • My next novel (I already have most of what I need to jump right into this after the current wip is drafted–plus, it will hopefully be my first series!)
  • cleaning up the old to-do list (finally found my notes to finish up a couple of old projects that were put on hold when things imploded several months back, which will be a psychological weight lifted)
  • a regular column idea (this one looks to be endless fun)
  • an academic-style paper (research for this will hopefully speed the wip along, too)
  • sketch comedy work with a friend (the invitation for this came along on the same day that I was talking to Nathan about wanting more experience writing humor, yay!)
  • whichever short story comes next (only a couple of idea seeds here, not rushing this since there are plenty of other projects to focus on)
  • trolling the trunk (printing out mostly completed story pieces and going over them to see which, if any, can be brought up to my current standards enough to send out)

Whew! I’d say that’s a decent chunk of writing projects. Now to manage the trick of working on several at a time while NOT dropping off work on the novel. At the least I’ll learn more about where my current saturation point is, and I’ll post about my progress here as it develops. I currently have three stories out looking for a publishing home, and I’ve decided that’s my new minimum preferred standard for number of circulating stories.

For those readers able to work on more than one major project at a time (in whatever field), how does that process work for you? I know every person approaches their work differently, but I’m always curious about other folks’ processes.

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