Nov 18 2009

NaNoWriMeet: recovery days

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I had an impromptu (and not entirely desired) recovery day today as my back-up laptop spent all day in updates to try to fix its issues.  Main laptop is still down.  I did spend several hours talking about writing and the novel and related things, as well as other work stuff, which isn’t as good as words on the page but better than nothing.  If I have enough energy left before bed I might try getting a couple of pages in just to have some small triumph over the capricious computer.  we’ll see.

It did make me think of another useful writing topic, however.  Again, not as relevant for this month of November, since you’re in “crunch writing mode”, but if you’re trying to establish a longer-term writing routine, it’s worth considering the idea of days off.  The other writer I live with, as far as I can tell, only takes days off if he is actively travelling, at a con, or some other routine-disrupting event.  Every day he is home, he is at the computer 14-18 hours a day, any of which could theoretically involve writing as the in-progress file is always open and ready.  Another writer I know who does it full-time has a firm six-days-on, one-day-off routine; they found that giving themselves a day to mentally recharge made for better and easier writing the other six days than trying to do it every day.

I think that after November is done I’ll be setting my own goals at a chapter every 1-2 weeks (the chapters are averaging around 40 manuscript pages each so far), depending on how much planning time is needed for each next chapter.  I think that giving myself the “planning days” interspersed with the writing days is less likely to cause a disruption or cessation in my overall routine.  I’m looking forward to trying it out!  That’s a nice thing about devised routines, they’re modifiable if you find that one or more parts aren’t working the way they should for the results you want.

What are you learning about your own patterns of creative activity and recharge time?

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