Nov 23 2009

NaNoWriMeet: do what you can

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Yesterday was a major pain day for me, so much so that being at the computer was difficult.  When you’re presented with a roadblock of that sort or something similar, it’s durned unlikely you’ll make your standard daily count.  So the obvious options are, take a health day and don’t write at all?  or write what you can write, then more later?

Obviously, which you decide is going to vary from case to case.  However, when you’re in high wordcount goal territory or deadline crunch time, it’s worth strongly considering that second option.  You’re likely going to feel worse about your process if you skip writing when you really could have fit in a page or two, even with the bumps along the way.

Again, are your excuses to yourself for your behavior designed to encourage you to write, or to avoid writing?  If you’re being avoidant, try practicing a mental shift toward the other side.  Instead of “wow, I think I’ll clean the cat box instead of writing, because It Needs It”, try on for size “ooh, writing would be a perfect excuse to avoid folding those clothes!”  (Of course, it’s a good idea to schedule some clothes-folding etc. time somewhere after writing, especially if you have roommates, or your brain-hacking cleverness will quickly become an Annoyance To Others.)

Find more ways to fit writing sessions into the daily routine of your life.  The more it becomes part of just what you do (get up, brush teeth, feed cat, check email, write pages, wash dishes, check facebook, play stupid apps for an hour, write more pages, and so on) the easier it will be for you to find your optimal wordcount rate and writing processes.

Previous novel wordcount:  22,446
Today’s words: 601
This blog post: 316
Total daily words:917

New novel wordcount: 23,047
Favorite bit: uppity escorts, back-pedaling billionaires
Funniest flub: no major screw-ups today (only two pages)

What have you noticed about incorporating writing into your daily routine so far?  What was easy, what was/is difficult?

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