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Feb 08 2010

3 Links to read

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If you are interested in writing, editing, the publishing industry, speculative fiction, writers talking about writing, and other tidbits involving politics, the world around us, or semi-random well-written observations, then check out the following links:

Making Light — The online webspace for Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden (and guest bloggers). Excellent resource: current information and essays about most of the above-listed points. — I’m only on the newsletter version of this so I don’t get over to the site every day, but the largest spec-fic publisher in the US has a wide selection of quality authors blogging regularly or occasionally on their website, as well as other enticing features for visitors such as free stories!

Storytellers Unplugged — I’ve mentioned these folks before. It’s a shared writers’ blog that features an author for each day of the month, blogging monthly about whatever comes to their minds about writing, writing process, publishing, and related topics. They seem to have mostly speculative fiction and horror writers blogging for them so anyone interested in those fields specifically might especially want to take a look.

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