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Mar 13 2010

Editing accountability

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I’m working on creating a better balance of energy spent on writing and editing. I’m doing well with more regular writing even while sick (finally! after weeks of persistent practice), but since I also want to be an editor I want to practice that regularly as well. Unfortunately I’ve been piling up a bit of a backlog of things to edit while I’ve been ill, and since I’ll be sick a while longer I might as well start adjusting to that energy level and figure out how to do more with what I have now (if possible).

The DreamCafĂ© guys will hopefully help me today with outlining a game plan for the writing end of things. On the editing end, I’ve come up with the following ordered list to get caught up on my current obligations. If I agreed to edit something of yours and you’re NOT on this list, please contact me as it’s likely slipped my to-do list in an infected mental haze, and I’m not deliberately slighting you.

1. Derek’s short story (first because one shouldn’t have to wait long on one’s first short story critiques) Done 3/16 early morning; meeting with D on Wed. 3/17 to discuss critique
2. Eric’s poems (due before we get together and visit on Thursday) enough edits to discuss semi-coherently, anyway, done 3/16
3. Steve’s short story (submissions open mid-April, need time for edits)two editing passes, ready to discuss, done 3/16
4. Chelsea’s first chapter (so she can see how Real Editing is done and maybe boot the book doc)
5. Steve’s Tiassa intro (he’s ok with this being moved down the list even though it was one of the first I received, since he won’t need this one as quickly as the other)
6. Kendra’s short stories (check email)

Again, if you aren’t on this list and should be, tell me so I can fix it! And if you have editing work you want done, assuming I learn to balance my editing time better, let me know. I’ll keep needing the practice until I get good enough to start doing it for money! Also, Derek, will be calling you today about workshopping the story in person.

I hope I can figure out a good balance here quickly, I enjoy the editing work in part because it’s a different way to interface with words than writing and revising is. My brain likes to stretch!

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