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Mar 15 2010

Polling readers: breast issues

After I know more about what’s going on internally, I’ll be writing up a couple of informative-style articles about breast trauma and possible consequences. In my research, I’ve found that while the wisdom is common that “It’s a bad idea to whack a boob”, it’s nearly impossible to find a clear and easy answer as to WHY it’s a bad idea, complete with examples. In addition, I’ve found an obvious lack of well-designed breast protection gear for larger-breasted women. So for you, my readers, if you’d like to assist with this, I’d appreciate the following:

1: Links to already existing stories, or your own personal anecdotes, about you or someone you know who has had experiences in non-cancerous breast problems, especially those with blunt-force trauma as the injury origin.

2: Links to protection gear for large breasts, especially any you have personal experiences with or know someone who has. Alternately, contact information for someone capable of designing lightweight protective chest gear that both covers all of the breast area and can be made in larger sizes. I’d be glad to publicly promote the services of any designer I end up working with, as I strongly doubt I’m the only large-breasted non-athlete woman who wants to engage in more active sporting or sparring events.

Thanks for helping! This is my sort of activism — where I can fix an information gap by writing, whee! It’ll still be a bit before these go up, I’m still gathering information as well as going through the medical issue, but I’d love for people to spread the word to any of your well-endowed friends when I do post them. If you can help on either of the above points, either leave a comment here or send me a private message (reesa at reesabrown dot com).

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