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Mar 20 2010

public info announcement

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While it’s been posted elsewhere, I don’t think it was clearly announced here that this week, I was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive malignancy in my left breast. There is a lot of medical unpleasantness coming up, so it may slow down my rate of posting here. However, health permitting, I still plan to be posting weekly with more fiction installments, more posts about writing and editing, links as I find them, and so on. If you’d like to help out in a really easy way, consider participating on the posts by leaving comments. Even if it’s just “I agree” or “this doesn’t work that way for me” (though more elaboration is always nice!), knowing you’re out there and reading would be a nice boost and a good help during this time. If you’d like to stay current on daily events, this link here will take you to my Fan Page on Facebook which we’ll be trying to keep updated with news as it happens.

Thanks, send good energy our way, and keep reading!

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