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Mar 31 2010

Health update

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I am home from the hospital after a modified radical left mastectomy and a partial mastectomy on the right side. Don’t forget you can keep up with more daily news by following the Fan Page over on Facebook. Did quite well for the first couple of days, got a stomach bug the last couple that is probably some of the (non-cancerous) sickest I’ve ever been. On the mend today, hopefully a continuing trend.

Everyone has been so amazingly supportive. I’ll try to keep thanking folks as best as I can but so many people are sending love and well-wishes from all over I’m sure to forget someone. My family, as always, is awesome. My stepdad canceled a business trip, and he and my dad and mom and brother were all there for my surgery; it was rejuvenating to have them all there to come back to. (My stepmom was there in spirit, but couldn’t attend for her own health reasons.) I wished they didn’t have to leave so soon, and I know they all felt the same way. I’m glad my mom and brother were able to stay as long as they did, but everyone has their own lives to get back to and that’s right, too.

I have the best friend network on the planet, seriously. Andrea, Robert, Lynn, Eric, Jerry, Brad, Kirby, Marca, Samantha, Holly: you held me here through the pre-surgery vigil, and welcomed me back into the world after. You’ve called and messaged with love, helped us out with chores around the house, sent healing energy and prayers, brainstormed medical bill fundraisers, and organized more far-flung support. Thanks to all you 4th Street and other awesome Minnesota people, Arizona writer friends, Tennessee folk sending prayers; my stepmom is getting international people to send me well-wishes (check out her list at the bottom of this post!). My new half-sister in India even had a guru praying for me! It is so good to know and have touched the lives of people all over the world, by living my life as I have. And thanks to all of you and my awesome doctors, I get more chances to be here and share it with all of you, as much as I can. And I will!

A few more people need mentioning specifically. Steve has been loving and supportive and weathered the disruptions to life and home admirably. He kept his cool during an early minor aftercare crisis and has been able and ready to do tasks for me as needed. I am blessed to have him in my life. Bret has been here multiple times a week for the past few weeks, helping out with love and food and chores and love. He is truly a magnificent friend, and I am so glad to have him as part of my family-of-choice. Casey was a friend before this, and likely will be a closer one after. She has honored me more than I can express by working with me to document this journey in a way that can be shown to others. She has also been a listening ear for my husband, which he has sorely needed. I’m deeply pleased to grow closer to her, though I certainly could have wished for different circumstances.

Ahh, my Nathan. Even before this, you were such a perfect partner for me. I mourn not announcing your wonderfulness from the rooftops sooner, though I know we had our reasons for keeping quiet at the time. Thankfully none of that matters now, and I can tell the world that I really do have the best husband ever. He’s taken on all the hell of medical paperwork and money nightmares so that I can focus on healing, provided me with emotional support as well as caring for my every need as I convalesce. AND managing to keep on top of his fatherly duties and actively job-hunt as well. He loves me as I deserve to be loved, and I hope to spend a LONG lifetime sharing that love with him.

Well typing is tiring and hurts, so I’ll have to do more of this at another time. (Did you know every muscle in your body is connected to your armpits? Ask me how I know…)

Countries with folks sending prayers/well-wishes/good vibes (so far):
Outer Mongolia
United States

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