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Apr 15 2010

Cancer Chronicles: chemical conundrums

I was idly thinking about how it might be nice to have a monthly pedicure routine start up with a friend or two, as part of the “reclaiming the body beautiful” process (also the foot bath and massage chair would be genuinely therapeutic for where I’m at in recovery), when I was struck by another set of thoughts.

Breast cancer is a “modern era” illness, showing up in vastly higher percentages in developed, industrialized nations. The best guess so far as to why is a genetic predisposed tendency towards it plus exposure to chemical and other environmental toxins in the environment.

I am strongly disinclined to become the sort of paranoid that worries and obsesses over every chemical exposure in my environment. I live in a modern, industrialized nation. I eat food purchased at a supermarket. I live in a home where cleaning products are used at least biweekly. The life changes necessary to remove most or all of those contaminants would be extreme and not very sustainable given my current needs — not to mention that I can go as far out to the country and grow all my own food as I want, and I still have to breathe the chemically-contaminated air in the atmosphere, worry about the water table, and etc and so on.

On the other hand, I don’t have a problem at all examining my life and minimizing my exposure to unnecessary chemical and other potential contaminants in an effort to make it as easy as possible for my immune system to stay on top of preventing any future problems. And I realized that you can certainly absorb things through your nailbeds, and that nail polish is pretty much all chemicals.

So what do the readers think? Is this the sort of minimal exposure, only happens every couple of months sort of chemical question to not worry about? Or are painted toes the type of “not worth the risk” simple thing to eliminate from my life since it wasn’t a hugely established routine anyway? Are there less-toxic nail polish options that actually work similarly? (If the “more natural” polish only stays on a couple of days it’s not worth the effort involved, compared to a month or more of the traditional polish’s duration.) More general thoughts?

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