Apr 30 2010

SpinAThon about to spin!

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SpinAThon starts tomorrow! We have 32.5 hours sponsored so far, which means we are definitely into our second day, which will be held at Andrea’s place in Round Rock, nicely bracketing Austin with the two days of our event. Saturday Andrea will be spinning on webcam starting at midnight until 8am, when volunteer Emily takes over so Andrea can prep for Yarnorama! They open at 11am, which is when our Kentucky volunteers Grinny Possum will begin their webcam spinning while Andrea is on site taking massive amounts of pics of the Yarnorama participants. (We couldn’t get consistent streaming webcam out at the Paige shop so we’ll post the still pics and recorded video instead.) Yarnorama will be spinning and knitting from 11 am until they tire out, at which point Andrea returns home and with hopefully enough other volunteers for nap breaks, spins and knits until the sponsorships run out on Sunday!

Just a few more sponsorships will put us into the time volunteered by Steven Brust, a local bestselling fantasy author. We hope to have Steven Brust putting in an appearance on May 2nd for a few hours in the early afternoon, he’ll be playing tunes to entertain our spinners and knitters, and will have a few of his books on hand for sale and signing or personalizing. He’ll be there from about 1pm until he tires out, and we currently have sponsorships through 8:30 Sunday morning so only a few more hours needed! If you’re a local fan of Steve’s you can show up even if you don’t donate, but sponsoring even a few minutes will help ensure your favorite local author will be there! He loves conversing with his fans and having an audience for his songs, so let’s make his time worth it!

And yes, we will be taking donations even after the event begins, right up until we run out of pledged spinning time. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to pledge, now is the time! I plan to show up for at least a part of both days, though my Sunday will sadly not be overlapping Steve’s much at all (I’ll be on-site for a couple of the Sunday morning hours but have another scheduled event for lunch and early afternoon; Saturday, I’ll likely be attending Yarnorama with my mother, who will be in town and donating an art piece to the silent auction happening soon after SpinAThon.) We also still have room for more volunteer knitters and spinners, especially on Saturday night and Sunday; even an hour or two helps our main volunteers get naps!

Thanks for everyone for helping out with this Good Samaritan event!

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