May 08 2010

Auction Deadline Today!

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Hey everyone, heads-up!  If you were and are interested in donating an art, craft, or service to the benefit auction starting in just a couple of days, then TODAY is the day you need to get that information over to Andrea!  She has enough to do that she won’t be trying to chase down everyone who expressed an interest, but is asking instead that you send her an email with either pictures of a finished product or descriptions of what service you are offering.  That email needs to be sent by the end of the day today.  I finished sending her my own offerings yesterday, but YOU still have this whole day to get that email sent!  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the different lovely things that will be put up for bidding, it won’t just be yarn in the least!  We’ll be linking to websites if they are provided, so this is also a way to get some free advertising for your arts or services.

As with the SpinAThon (which was an awesome success — we raised over $2500 in sponsorships and had 42.8 hours of continuous spinning and knitting), the artisan auction proceeds will be going toward our copious medical bills we incurred during the cancer experience.  I’ll probably post about it a couple of times to boost the signal once the auction actually begins, but needless to say that every bit we receive is needed and useful help.  Thank you all so much for continuing to read and contribute!

Andrea email:

Deadline for having your donation listed for bid in the auction: Today, May 8 2010

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