May 21 2010

Internal dialogue (good morning edition)

Writing-mind: “Hey, I’m in physical rehab too, ya know.  There’s only so much energy to go around.  You aren’t bitching out the OTHER minds for operating in fits and starts…”

Get-Shit-Done-mind: *raises one eyebrow* “Uh, have you HEARD some of my conversations with exercise-mind? You’re getting the same breaks as everyone else, baby.” *pokes W-M with stick* “Now, work! We can’t very well establish a ‘daily writing routine’ if you won’t at least TRY to write some words every day, cancer recovery or not.”

Writing-mind: “Nope, huh uh, I’m tired. And achey. And cranky.  Make exercise-mind work.  Or how about errand-mind, she’s been sitting on her ass for most of the last nine months. ”

GSD-mind: *looks skeptical* “Your ‘rehab’ looks a lot like ‘avoidance’ from over here.”

Writing-mind: “No, hey!  Out of the house equals adventure!  Observing humanity!  Pattern recognition! Fodder for writing ideas!”

GSD-mind: *rolls eyes* “We have not yet had problems with the idea pipeline, even during the worst of times.  Look at you!  I assign you one simple task from the list, “pick which story to write next”.  Simple friggin’ to-do item, easy check-off.  But noooooo, YOU decided that was some kind of challenge and now instead of picking between two story ideas, we have EIGHT.”

Writing-mind: “Hey, four of them already have titles, even!  This is work, we’re working here!  Also, hungry.  And tired. Wouldn’t moving around do some good?”

GSD-mind: “Well, we do want to get moving earlier in the morning to see how that works for loosening up throughout the day, and…hey! I see your tricks.  We aren’t leaving this house until YOU write some words.”

Writing-mind: “Oh yeah? What if I just put little quote marks “around everything”?”

GSD-mind: “Nope.  You can write dialogue, though, if you feel like writing quote-marks.”

Writing-mind: “You won’t complain about what I write, I just put some words down on one of our projects?”

GSD-mind: “Sure, writing words equals no complaints.”

Writing-mind: “And the blog counts as one of our projects, right?”

GSD-mind: “Counts as two or three of them, if you look at the Callie project, Cancer Chronicles, and writing posts.”

Writing-mind: “Agreed then, no take-backs! I’m off to write down this conversation as a blog post.”

GSD-mind: “Hey, that’s totally cheating!”

Writing-mind: “You didn’t say no cheating.  Now, go wake up errand-mind, I’m going back to bed.”

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