Jun 02 2010

Life and writing things update

I was off camping this weekend, and survived it with only some exhaustion.  The exercise was good for me overall I think, though next time I need to stay a little more consistently cool.  Never actually overheated thanks to a couple of helpful camps out there.

This week is crazy busy with prep for The Kid, several official emails, writing  two short stories, more novel work, finishing a long-overdue paper, and I’ve already sent out another story for publication consideration as well as awaiting return of edits on another story to get that one circulating as well.  Not to mention getting to more regular blog posting again.  It’s a busy life, much better than the alternative.

But first, along the self-care front, lunch before my head-maintenance appointment.  Then most likely either cleaning or a nap, followed by the other.   Yay, life!

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