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Jun 13 2010

Writing lesson for the day

Your writing lesson for the day:  Always google the editor(s) of any market to which you’re submitting.

I just received a personalized rejection note where the personal message seemed to be about a quite different story than I sent in.  This possibly makes more sense when you realize that in my haste to get the story off before deadline, I did NOT look up the editor as I almost always do, and thereby made one of the most elementary mistakes in the book: an incorrect gender honorific.

Not a good idea to offend an editor when trying to convince them your story’s worth buying.  Now to be fair, since I was busting butt post-cancer to catch up on my overdue (self-imposed) deadlines, the draft I sent this editor was not my cleanest draft ever, and I won’t be making that mistake again either.  (This time around, it was mostly a psychological victory to send it in — not to mention the anthology theme is quite along similar lines to my current novel-in-progress so it would have been cool to get a short story from the novel’s world into the anthology.)

No worries, it’s a solid story despite one editor’s opinion and I’ll clean up the draft and send it out again elsewhere, heck, sell several short stories from that world even!  And then sell the novel, which will get more attention for any anthologies I’ve sold Immortality House short stories to at that point, as well as help get attention for the novel.  That’s the plan, anyway, we’ll see how well it works.

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