Jun 15 2010

paying it forward…

If you missed this comment, take a moment to go read it now.  It gives me happy shivers every time I read it or tell someone about it.  This is part of why I’m writing about the cancer experience, and one of the reasons I’ll keep writing about it.

It is awesome and humbling to think I might have helped already save a life by scribing words.  And motivating!

PS – Ladies, do your breast exams monthly, no, really!  Train your lovers or spouses to do it for you if you just can’t make yourself remember.  Make it a ritual.  Make it a routine.  Whatever makes you DO IT.  However weird, scary, uncomfortable, or forgetful you feel, trust me — actual cancer is WAY WORSE.

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One Response to “paying it forward…”

  1. Maryon 19 Jun 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I have shared my experiences with others about how unpredictable life can be. I never would have thought I’d be navigating a wheelchair. Life throws curves. Those curves can make one crash unless you learn early on to bend and not break. I have given “lessons” in bending and have been very happy to do so. Standing (or in my case sitting) strong and remaining a fighter are imperative. When someone around you is suffering, grab hold of them and do everything you can to reduce or eliminate that suffering. It will make them stronger to know that they are not alone. It will make you stronger to know that you have been of help. Spread the love!!!!!!