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Jun 21 2010

Back online!

I’m back on the internet after a hectic couple of weeks involving, among other craziness, an emergency cross-country trek and the addition of a new (12-year-old) family member to the Dream Cafe!  Details will likely be a bit slow on that front until the court stuff is finalized, so as to not jinx anything in the works, but the three adults in the home are happy as can be to have our family unit together at last, as it should be.  The Kid is fitting in even faster than we’d suspected he would, with some healthy testing of boundaries and otherwise good behavior and lots of shared fun times.

In writing news, I managed to squeak in just under another story anthology deadline, I really hope I get into this one.  The narrative voice is so easy to write I could get a book’s worth of stories out of her no problem, assuming I can sell a short story or two.  My writing routine will likely be disrupted for most of the rest of this week with various appointments and such things, but am hoping to find more writing time in-between full-time childcare (and continuing cancer recovery, and all the other fun Life events that continue to crop up regularly).

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