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Aug 20 2010

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One of the things that has always frustrated me about our educational system is that history (and other) classes are set up to dilute, filter, and lie about what actually happened, such that only if you manage to have a good teacher in the upper grades or college (if you attend) will you start to get accurate and less biased info about America and our country’s local and global choices and conduct.  Read this link, follow its embedded links, and learn how (at least for everyone else but us in the world) Hiroshima and Nagasaki are war crimes.

Abusive relationships are sometimes tough to identify, especially when in the middle of them.  Check out a nice sample quote from this article I recommend reading:  “If somebody is investing time, resources, and energy into convincing you of your own worthlessness, that same somebody has revealed to you that they have a lot to lose if you don’t believe them. They’re protecting their own loss of power. Which means they perceive you as somebody who can take that power away. If somebody is putting in the work to knock you down, it’s because they’ve got something to fear about you if you’re standing up.'”

Parents of teens and almost-teens might want to read this thought-provoking article posted by a friend, about managing drama overload in the home and how to avoid falling into immature social dynamics with your teenager.

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