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Aug 29 2010

week end links

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Got some nice creative insights from attending panels and good conversations yesterday at ArmadilloCon.  There’s still stuff happening today if you’re Austin-local!

I thought this was a well-balanced article about an interesting person in the adult entertainment industry: Uncovered — the real Traci Lords.

This looks like it would be an interesting book to read with a group and discuss/debate afterwards.

You’ve heard the urban legend, now see the news potentially confirming it: Hitler Jewish?

My futurism starts to catch up with me again, check out this cool concept design for body art computing.

For my friends with eating issues, you likely already know these things, but now they have Science! backing them up: 2 ways to feel more full and eat less

Elizabeth Moon drawing aim on how often women writers are still overlooked professionally: It Ain’t Equal ‘Til It’s Equal…

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