Sep 10 2010

weekend link controversy

opinions about drug use?  Check out what Portugal has been doing the last decade…

think you know about transphobia? Check out this thought-provoking collection of quotes covering some of the current issues. I know I learned at least one new perspective from reading, and I’m more educated on trans issues than the average cis person.

Pop-science argument for religion as an early group-social-dynamic tool: Is Believing in God Evolutionarily Advantageous?

Want to get rid of rush hour traffic forever? The solution is easy and requires but one small sacrifice from you: Robot cars

Intentional species extinction bad, right?  Well, perhaps not if it’s mosquitoes

And finally, remember that Eminem&Rihanna video I posted a few weeks back?  No surprise at all that it’s sparked a bunch of mostly ignorant fuss; this is a decent article about some of that kerfluffle.  Though there is a MUCH better article out there on the blog , the author has sadly asked that it not be linked to (probably to minimize inevitable trollage).  Anyone who is interested in reading an awesome rant about class, violence, and feminists in the context of this video and its subsequent pubic commentary should absolutely go to this site and search for the entry on the E&R video.  It is worth the hunt, rarely have I seen someone with the ovaries to be this real and honest about an explosive topic.

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