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Sep 15 2010

provoking weekend links

EDIT: BREAKING LINK — More reason to love Lady Gaga, a YouTube video to the US Senate speaking out against those attempting to filibuster the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I think it’s awesome that someone who is in a position to be this defiant is choosing to do so. I absolutely agree that rights to privacy are some of the easiest lost when governments expand their powers…

Have some fives:  Five Top Regrets of the Dying and Five Myths About Prostitution

Religion rants (not for the easily offended): Changing Myths vs. “Eternal” Scripture, and extra-ranty Sex, Death, and Religion

Many of you will definitely want to read this post and its comments, seriously fascinating range of perspectives: Describe male orgasmic sensations

Check out this seriously awesome article about a compassionate family dealing with a transgendered teen. It also has links to related articles.

What is it like to write 300 books? Jane Yolen talks about the need to “write faster”.

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