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Sep 25 2010

weekend link activism

Rallying message from Lady Gaga on the successful (for now) political block of the DADT repeal.

If you aren’t reading Dan Savage, why not?  This week, he launches an awesome LBGT activist project.  Read about it in his column here, then check out the YouTube It Gets Better Project. (This has been linked many places already, but still worth passing on.)

He also references The Trevor Project, to which my awesome editor Vince Liaguno has also linked.

A spot of just plain cool amid all the activism this week:  First habitable exoplanet found next year?

The last line of this blog entry from Futurismic nails it: Street-level sousveillance tech

thoughts on an intersection of science and religion here: Divided Minds, Specious Souls

First obvious indication of nation-level cyber-warfare?  Click here to read more… (Another one from Futurismic, a great site to be reading for regular nifty tidbits like these)

And one from yet another of my favorite places for cool ideas on the internet.  BLDGBLOG is written by an architect-futurist, and while occasionally the posts may be too architecture-tech-laden for my layperson’s comprehension, the rest of them are well worth it.  This post examines some of the possible intersections of neurology and architecture.

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