Oct 05 2010

The Sundress

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Callie awoke after a dreamless sleep just as determined as the previous evening to take action.  A new project always helped focus her thoughts, and this time was no exception.  After her recent adventures she had some ideas on the nature of her feathered nemesis, but if even half her guesses were correct, this promised to be one of her trickiest endeavors to date.  There was no room for substantial error, so everything had to planned quite carefully.  She began by examining all areas of assumption, looking for anything that could easily trip her up later.

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She discarded the first couple of obvious approaches, but her third idea was more promising.  Rather a shame to have to choose that, but if she bothered to get sentimentally attached to everyone she met, her career would be much harder. And really, she could have guessed from the first subconscious design choices who the final result would choose.  So, then.  With that decision settled, Callie gave it no further thought, trusting that her plans would present her the ideal opportunity when she needed it.

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Lunch was necessary protein for heavy brain work: several layers of rare roast beef and spicy mustard on rye, with cherry tomatoes arranged on a forest green plate, accompanied by a tannin-rich bitter merlot.  She licked a drop of the mustard off her finger, contemplating that bright accents would thematically enhance the whole of the piece.  As with art, so with life, though she could see a few different options for the latter and spent some time reflecting on approaches for each.

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There were so many pieces to fit together that Callie had a rare moment or two of doubt.  The penalties for missing something seemed quite high.  She reviewed every inch of the plans, trimming and revising at length until she could find no flaws in the pattern.  She then spent time creating B and C versions with the sure knowledge that she was operating with incomplete information and every good plan allowed for unexpected adaptation.

She wasn’t quite sure if she could find the key again; she suspected it wasn’t in her home this time, as that would make the next steps far too easy.  She planned to do a thorough search after her creative session to confirm her suspicions; someone had to make a mistake at some point, and Callie preferred it not be herself.

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As she added the finishing touches, she realized that the element of the strange permeating this whole business was one factor she couldn’t safely plan around.  Nor could she trust her life to the half-formed theories she’d derived from her recent experiences.  However, it wasn’t her life that was next on the line, if all went well — and something had to change.  Stasis was no longer an option.

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