Oct 15 2010

A Message Goes Out

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Upon awakening, Callie first reached under her pillow to ensure the metallic feather was still there.  She kept hold of it as she dressed, only securing it once she’d finished.  The more vibrant feather she had clipped at the base of her neck, where it was hidden under her shoulder-length hair.  That solution would only work for a short time, as a haircut was one of the necessary steps in the plan.  She dressed for the day.

She reacted before she consciously noticed the change.  As Callie exited into the main room, she tensed and felt her senses go on danger alert.  A quick scan of what she could see showed one significant alteration:  the door now had a mail slot.  She looked at it long enough to note its proportions and shape, then decided to search the rest of her space.  She didn’t exclude the bedroom simply because she’d been in it; it had long been obvious to her that there were unpredictable elements in this situation, so it mattered more how she reacted to them when they happened.  Thorough investigation had saved her life more than once.

It took several minutes to determine that there were no noticeable changes to the rest of her home that she could find, so it was time to return to the new opening in the door.  She was pleased that its color was just the right shade of gold to compliment the blue velvet curtains over the door’s viewing window.  Random chaos was so much easier to deal with if it came complimentary to the decor.

Callie retrieved a bamboo spoon from the utensil jar on the counter and approached the door.  The mail slot hadn’t changed since she’d sized it earlier.  It was the normal shape for the inside portion of such a device: a rectangular opening with rounded edges, wide enough for a large envelope or several fingers but appearing too narrow to fit an entire hand through.  She bent down and looked in; it seemed to be covered on the outer side by what one presumed to be a metal hinged flap, if the normal construction applied.  When careful visual examination detected no other features, she reached out with the spoon and pushed it into the slot.

Nothing happened other than a small clinking sound congruent with wood hitting metal.  Callie moved the spoon along the length of the opening, then extended it further inward to see if the outer covering moved.

It did.  The opening showed daylight on the other side, though she couldn’t see anything different in the small section of front walk and street that she could see through the gap.  It was a lower and narrower version of the already-familiar view through the door’s window.  She could smell the green of the outdoors as a gentle breeze found its way into the mail.  She had no urge to explore with her hands, but did relax enough to start thinking about other options as she inhaled deeply of the fresh air.

She moved to the kitchen and gave the spoon a quick wash and dry while she pondered.  She instinctively distrusted any change to her environment not under her control, especially one that seemed to benefit her with no forthcoming explanation.  It’s the sort of trap she’d think of creating.  However, she couldn’t deny that an opportunity to get a message out would drastically speed up her plans, and that advantage seemed worth the risk.  Hopefully awareness of the trap’s presence would be enough to signal her before it closed around her.

She mentally drafted the note before she wrote it, as she didn’t want spare copies lying around.  She selected a mottled beige sheet of paper and forest green ink, then glanced over at the nearly completed project on the dressform for any last-minute inspiration.  She wrote in a clean flowing script, and signed it with an embellished “C”.  She selected a matching envelope and wrote the recipient’s name on the outside, sealing it with a swipe of a dampened sponge for moisture.

Callie took another deep breath, bent down, then thrust the envelope through the slot as forcefully as she could, so her hands would spend the least amount of time in contact with it as possible.  The outside flap shut with a muted clang.  Callie stood up and peered through the curtain.  She could just see part of the envelope face up on the front walk if she looked down at an angle.

“For Z’Aria”

Satisfied, she turned toward breakfast, suddenly hungry.

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