Nov 06 2010

scattershot weekend links

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I’ve been doing fairly well on my writing word-goals this week, hurray for me! Also doing much thought on schedule management due to some recent conversations, will see if I can translate that into a blog post soon.

Next century’s extreme sport: mountain climbing IN SPACE!

more super-cool science developments in artificial vision

A few years’ back I was laughably armchair-diagnosed with this (those who know me know I’m about as far as you can get from BPD), but after reading this article it made me think that at least some of those eager accusers might have been better served doing their diagnosing to a mirror’s reflection: “Is My Mother Crazy?” — Borderline Personality Disorder anecdotes

A different article on the universe-as-hologram theory from a previous weekend links post, for those interested. Not sure I know enough physics to say whether this one is any more meaningful than the last one.

An interesting article on the “boiling frog” concept of boundary violation

These are in reverse chronological order, so keep that in mind when reading or just scroll to the end and read backwards: A series of posts (that don’t seem to be finished yet) from a mother of an autistic child who has some really neat insights into parenting a child with ASD.

Hilarious exam for anyone writing a fantasy novel to check for banality or derivation in their work-in-progress. My high-school novel attempt failed on several of these, hehe. Thankfully I’m not writing any fantasy at the moment…

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