Nov 11 2010

A self-congratulatory moment

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So far this year I have managed to write eight short stories and send off stories to 30 different markets. My most productive year to date, and that’s not counting the ongoing Callie blog project or the novel work. And there’s still a month or so left to do more!

While that might sound reasonably impressive, the cool points shoot way up when you add in the fact that all of the short stories and story submissions mentioned above happened after almost dying at the end of March this year.

I’m so totally working on correlating Jay Lake‘s theory of psychotic persistence as the key to writer (or any) success… now some story acceptances would round out all that hard work nicely, hehe.

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  1. Allysonon 11 Nov 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Go you! That is awesome! You rock!