Nov 13 2010

transmuting weekend links

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Well, the US’s ridiculous restrictions on stem-cell research have at least led to some creative scientific approaches to a work-around. Check out this brief article about making blood from skin cells!

We created a mini-Big Bang at the Large Hadron Collider and the universe is still here! How cool is that?

I still get a skeptical twinge when I look at this photo (could they really machine things that finely in Roman days?), but it is cool nevertheless: Ancient Roman “Leatherman” multitool

For those of you who freak out about genetically modified organisms, here’s the deal: It’s been happening for a lot longer than you think…

What if aliens have been with us the whole time? no, really? How would you tell? An article about “weird life” and the possibility of a shadow biosphere

Jay Lake does a pair of actually useful Non-Beginning-Writer Advice posts. One about how process changes over time, and a follow-up with a spiffy example of how something changes from synopsis to story.

Psychological insights into the suicidal mind: What it feels like to want to kill yourself

A fascinating approach to combating bullying: compassion taught…by babies!

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