Nov 20 2010

facsimile weekend links

Another neato-torpedo article from BLDGBLOG, about 3D printing ideas in space. There’s also another one at his site that shows a machine “printing” a cobblestone-esque street paving. Oh living in the future has its cool points indeed…

An interesting article linked to on Making Light, from a writer for a research paper “mill” with a piece exposing the endemic problem of research paper cheating at universities. The article itself is interesting enough, but the comments really show how reactive some people can get about the topic, on all sides. Quite fascinating.

Need new organs? Grow them in gel!
More stem cell coolness.

Not only does antimatter exist, scientists now have some in a bowl! More or less…check it out!

Unhappy about increased TSA security? A Senate Oversight Hearing on the TSA is coming up, check it out and nag your senator!

Need extra motivation to protest about the TSA? Read about the call for “Israelification” of our airport security here. Tel Aviv’s airport is by far the safest I have ever felt in an airport, and the most impressive in terms of streamlined security that I have seen yet in my travels. I’d say Heathrow and Houston were security-theater jokes comparatively, but it’s not actually funny.

As someone who actually does have to be actively concerned about casual radiation sources (and hey, just because I’ve had cancer doesn’t mean the rest of you can blithely ignore it), and as someone who believes in a mobile and interconnected populace as one indicator of human rights — so no flying boycotts for me — it looks like I’ve got the feel-up option left while this madness continues. Thankfully I am not a previous victim of physical or sexual assault, so I don’t expect it to be triggery, just unpleasant. Want to share your thoughts on security theater with me? I’m interested! Also, does anyone have a link to real, scientific, independent assessment of the actual radiation danger posed by the new machines? I found it impossible to wade through the panicked hype and dismissive rejoinders to get anything that sounded accurate…

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